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Keeping (Your Kids) Creative During Lockdown

04 February 2021 11:08


Crafts of all kinds are good for 'mindfulness'  -  keeping you calm and focussed on the moment when things are difficult.

Things are certainly difficult for many of us at the moment, and particularly for those with children at home, needing home-schooling.

One of the areas of the curriculum which might be missing is art and craft.  This can be particularly difficult for parents who don't feel creative.

However, the good news is that you don't need to be particularly creative to get your children being so - just give them some materials, maybe a few ideas and they will usually be off in their own direction.

If you just want ideas for fabric based crafts, then the Print me Pretty Pinterest board Crafty Ideas for Kids to Make  has quite a few.  Older children may also be able to use ideas from our boards Crafty Sewing Ideas and No-sew Fabric Ideas.  

Many of these ideas may appeal to adults, too.

If you sew, then now would be a perfect time to teach your children to sew, if you haven't already started.  You'll have time (probably over a number of days or weeks) to get onto a worthwhile project, such as a skirt if they're learning to use a machine, so that they get a real sense of satisfaction from their endeavours.  The Crafty Ideas for Kids Pinterest board has quite a few Pins related to teaching children to sew.

There are also lots of ideas on the blog:

Making a fabric basket - this is a good Easter project, uses up lots of tiny scraps and is suitable for all ages.

6 crafty things to do with your kids  - a bit more detail and links for 6 projects

Sewing for dolls  -  and don't forget the sandals!

Chicken bean bags

Make a yo-yo  - there are lots of things you can make with yo-yos, once you know how to make them, such as a yo-yo necklace.

Designing fabric with your children

And don't forget the children's Design Competition, closing on February 23rd.


For younger children, the crafts I shared live on Facebook last year, during Lockdown 1, are still available.


If you have older children, there are other projects and suggestions on the blog which they might like. Click the Sewing / Craft Tutorials box in the filter on the blog to find them.