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Create a simple design using free software

18 May 2015 08:00


Sometimes, you want a fairly simple design - say spots or stripes - but you want a colour scheme which is not available in the shops.  Now you don't need to worry about that - you can create your own design!

All you need to create a simple spot design is, simple-to-use software which you can download for free!

If you haven't got, the first thing you'll need to do is download it.   I find it very useful, and simple to use.

How to create a spotty design

      1. 1. Click on File/New to open a new canvas.  Set the resolution to 150dpi and the size to whatever size you think you'll need.  This will depend on the size of dots you plan to use, and on how regular your pattern is.  Small dots in a regular pattern will only need a small canvas, because our web site will do the repeat for you.  If you  want larger dots and / or  an irregular pattern (I'm thinking of Kate Middleton's leaving-hospital dress after the birth of Prince George) you will need a larger canvas.  If you make your canvas bigger than you need, you can always crop it to size when you've finished.  (You can make it bigger, too, but it's easier to crop a too-big canvas.)  I made mine 4" square, so you can see it here!
      2. Select a colour for your background.  (Click on the colour wheel at the bottom left of your screen.  If the wheel isn't there, click on the tiny one in the top right corner.  That will bring up the bigger one.)
                3. Click on Paint Bucket under Tools, then on your canvas.

                4. Create a new layer (Layers / Add new layer)

                5.  Click on the Paintbrush and select a brush width.

                6. Click on a colour on the colour wheel.
                7. Click on your canvas to place the dots.  Be careful not to move the cursor on the canvas, or your dot will be                           smudged!  (You can always click on the undo icon to get rid of mistakes!)  You can change the size or colour of                       your dots as you go along.

                8. All done!  Flatten your design (Image, Flatten), save it and upload it to our web site, where you can play with the                     repeats.  Order your fabric!