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What Have You Made Competition

21 May 2015 15:15

Welcome to our first making competition!

Unfortunately, our guest judge has had to pull out, so we have decided to open the competition up to voting.  

Look at the makes which have been submitted (only three, sadly) and decide which best makes use of the fabric.  You can vote on Facebook, and / or you can vote here.  Both will count.  If you vote here (below), you will need to be signed up to Disqus, but it's fairly quick and it means you can comment on lots of other blogs which use Disqus.  You may just say which design you would like to win, or you can tell us why.  We will send a fat quarter (our choice of design) to the writer of the 'best' comment, telling us why you thnk a particular design should win.  You can get technical, if you like, or make us laugh, or just have a 'sensible' reason.  Our decision, as to the winner, will be final.

Here are the three entries:

Mr Fox Cushion
Tennis Bag
Wall Pockets

Which do you like best?  Which is our winner?  Vote now!