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Summer Fun for Kids

23 July 2015 09:00

Here are a few ideas for keeping the kids happy during the summer holidays.  You won't be surprised to hear that they all feature fabric!

The first one is a good craft for outdoors, or inside if it's raining.  It's on our Crafty Ideas for Kids Pinterest board, along with lots of other ideas.

Instructions for making these decorated tins can be fouind on Darling Adventures.  They mostly use scraps and empty tins, but you will also need some (spray) paint and Mod Podge.  There's also quite a bit of drying time involved.  When they're finished, you could have a pencil hunt round the house, to fill them!  Or pick dandelions off the lawn!

On a rainy day, you could have fun making fabric-covered letters to decorate your walls.  These photo-instructions are from

Here's something for artistic kids to enjoy.  I spotted this on Pinterest, from Absolutely Beautiful Things:

Find a number of twigs or small branches.  The ones in the photo are a similar width and length, but they don't need to be.  Tear strips of fabric - varying widths and lengths is fine, so use up your scrap stash!  Wrap them around your branch, and tie off.  (You could glue them for a slightly more streamlined look.)  You can then use your covered branches to make a beautiful, original sculpture.  Smaller branches could come inside, larger ones stay in the garden.  And, of course, they can be made into a new sculpture every day, if that suits their owner.

Here's another play tent idea, as an alternative to the ones we talked about in the blog post Make a Play Tent.  This one's from Just Another Hang-up.

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Have you any great ideas for fabric-y things to do with your children?