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Design Competition - My Town: Time to Vote

17 September 2015 20:00

It's time to vote in this month's design competition.  (Apologies for the late arrival of the voting; I've been rushed off my feet this week!)  How shall I list them?  Geographically?  In alphabetical order?  Maybe by colour:

K Town

Sydney City

Gaie Paris

Faversham Creek Tea Towel





Some entrants told me why they'd chosen their particular town.

K Town is based on Kingston upon Thames, a town the designer is just getting to know, but already loves.  She's based her design on a beautiful Tudor house in the town centre and the swans always to be found on the river.

Faversham Creek is based on the designer's watercolour style depiction of Faversham's ancient creek and the buildings reflected in it.  It's designed as a tea towel.

I believe Toadstool-Ville and Littletown are imaginery towns!

Whilst it's not a requirement of the competition, it's always interesting to hear where people get their inspiration!

If you'd like to check up on the rules or details of the competition, you can find them on the page Design Competition - My Town.

Which is your favourite town?

Vote for your favourite(s) below or on our Facebook page.