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Meet the Maker - Sarah's Sewing Room

08 October 2015 09:00

Earlier this year we started a series on the blog, meeting some of our designers.  Some of our customers, however, also have shops, selling things they've made. So I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to some of them.

Our first Maker is Sarah Jones, who started her company, Sarah's Sewing Room, fairly recently.  In fact, she only started sewing about 4 years ago!  She had always wanted to learn to sew and enrolled on a course at a local craft café when she found herself at a loose end.  Friends soon started to ask if she could make some items for them.   After a while, she thought she would try a Facebook page and see where it went – since then it has just gone from strength to strength.  Earlier this year, Sarah set up her own web site, where you can see the sort of things Sarah makes.  Her main products are blankets, (from gifts for newborn babies up to extra large and snugly blankets for adults),

bunting for children and also for dressers to complement pottery collections, pump bags,

tooth fairy pillows

and personalised cushions.

Sarah says she always has lots of new ideas buzzing around in her head; she tends to try them out to see if they will work – some do and some don’t!!

Most items are made to order and if time allows she will make something completely one off – so it's always worth enquiring about a special commission!

Sarah isn't a designer, so she buys fabric designed by others. A lot of her fabric comes from two of our designers – can you tell which two from the photos?  (She does use other fabric, too.)

Sarah is lucky enough to have been able to convert one of the spare bedrooms at her home into a sewing room.  Like many of us, though,  she does find that it spills over into other parts of the house!  Who hasn't found pins in the most unlikely places?  Not to mention pattern pieces, and random bits of fabric.

You can find Sarah's website here and her FB page here.

If you sew, but don't design, you might like to take a leaf out of Sarah's book and collaborate with a designer.  As a maker, you can't compete with the High Street on price. You can, however, compete on quality and originality. Many small businesses selling homewares, clothing, etc, are succesful because they have their own unique designs – think about Cath Kidston!  If you admire the work of any of our designers, you can send them a message via PmP (below or via email) and maybe come up with an exclusive design together.  Or you might find something you like in our Market Place.

All photos ©Sarah's Sewing Room