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Hola amigos! Ciao amici!

26 October 2015 09:00

A few months ago, we suddenly had an influx of requests for fabric samples, mainly from Italy, with a few from North Africa and Russia.  We were getting 200 or more a day!  Postage to Europe costs £1, without the cost of the samples, so sending out samples to so many people would have cost us £100s.  A little checking soon showed that we had been added to an Italian and a Russian 'freebie' site.

Now the same thing has happened again, but this time it's a Spanish site.  We've had about 500 requests in the past 3 days.

If these were people who were genuinely interested in Print me Pretty, I would be thrilled.  But I somehow doubt it ....  We can't afford to send out so many fabric samples just on the off-chance, so I'm afraid anything from Italy, North Africa, Russia or Spain just gets deleted.   At the same time, I don't like the idea that I may be ignoring potential customers.  So we're looking at the possibilities, and will probably have to start charging for fabric samples sent outside UK.   I wouldn't mind, but the 'freebie' is really only of interest to someone who wants to see what our fabric is like.  It's of no use just as a 'freebie'.

In the meantime, if you live in any of these countries and are really interested in what we do, and in seeing samples of our fabric, then please send an email to me (Janet) at


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