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07 August 2014 09:56

We've just had a couple of days away (to celebrate my husband's birthday) and visited Amberley Museum in Sussex, dedicated to the industrial heritage of the South East.  Amongst other things, we saw a couple of machines which I thought might be of interest.

First, can you guess what this is for?  (Sorry it's not the best of photos.  It was in a gloomy little room.)

Here's the rest of it:

And then we went into the print shop.  Not printing on fabric!  Only on paper.  But a beautiful machine, nonetheless.


If you live anywhere near Amberley and haven't visited the Museum, I can recommend it.  They have special events on for children during August, but it's fascinating for any age.

Oh, and the first picture?  Half marks if you said it's a sewing machine.  It's actually for boot-making and particularly for sewing on the gussets of elastic-sided boots!