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Children's Design competition

08 January 2016 08:19

We had 5 fantastic entries to our children's design competition this year.  Thank you to the children who took part, and to the parents who encouraged them, and uploaded the designs.  Two of the designs were sent via email, so their backgrounds are not pristine white.

The first to arrive was by Freya, aged 9.  Her family tree contains words she thinks of in connection with her family, and she likes the idea of having her design on a duvet!

The meaning of Family by Freya, aged 9

We had another family tree, by Tom, also aged 9 - is there something in the National Curriculum for 9 year olds?

My Family Tree by Tom aged 9

6 year old Ameyal drew her family for us.

My Family by Ameyal, aged 6

Also 6, Joe drew his family at the sea.  Love the boat, Joe!

My Family at the Sea by Joe, aged 6.

Last, but not least, 4 year old Faye drew her family in a sleigh - very seasonal!  (Is that Rudolf, I wonder?  I think I can spot a red nose.)

My Family in a Sleigh by Faye, aged 4.

We'll put all the designs up on Facebook, but we won't be voting on them.  They will be judged by one of 'our' designers, Sylvie Heasman (aka Art on Fabric).

If you're thinking, 'My child could do as well as / better than that', then look out for the children's design competition next Christmas!