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Summer Flowers Designs - Time to Vote

14 August 2014 08:00

It's voting time again.  Which of this month's designs do you like best?  Vote for your favourite(s) on our Facebook page, and help to choose the winning design.

We have five designs to choose from this month: bluebells, daisies, lilies, sweetpeas and roses.

It always surprises me how often there are similarities between some of the entries - a similar colour scheme or a similar 'take' on the theme.  Almost as if they've worked together,  even though I'm pretty sure the contestants don't even know each other and certainly haven't worked together.  Perhaps it's connected to the theory that we are only seven (is it seven?) links away from every other person on the planet!

And then some are completely different!

Maybe seeing these designs will inspire you to have a go at designing your own?

And don't forget to vote!

Top image from the Paper Doll Studio