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Designing with text - following a path

25 August 2014 12:40

Once you've got the hang of adding text to your design, the next step is to use the text on a path - make wavy lines, circles etc.

Create a blank file in Photoshop.  I made mine about 25cms square, with a resolution of 150dpi.  Click on the text tool and choose the 'text on custom path' tool.  Draw the path you want your text to follow.  Then, when you're happy, click on the green tick.

If you need to tidy up your design, click on Modify, point your cursor at an anchor point on your path and drag into position.  Click the green tick.

Point your cursor at the point you want to start writing.  Click to get the 'I', which means you can start writing.  Your text will follow the path you have drawn.

Make sure, before you start to type, that you have selected the font, size and colour that you want your text to be.  Also check that the text is left justified.  Once you're happy, click on 'Flatten image' under the layers tab at the top of the screen.  I decided to add a background of midnight blue sprinkled with stars before I flattened the image.

As you can see, flattening the image removes the guidelines for the text.  You just see the text following the path you gave it.  You can then crop it to a suitable size, if you need to.

Poem by Jewell Miller

Have you tried a text design yet?