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Courier Delays

30 June 2016 08:30

As a general rule, we send your orders out via Royal Mail first class post.  However, larger orders don't always fit into the envelopes we stock, and they are better sent in a box, or on a roll.  These are very expensive to send via the post, and involve a visit to the Post Office, which is often tricky for us.  So we've been using couriers.  Unfortunately, they are not as easy to use as I'm sure they could be!  If we can put your order into a box, it's not quite as difficult, but most couriers won't carry a roll of fabric - they don't like long, narrow parcels!

We have had all sorts of fun and games with couriers.  They say you can book for same-day collection until 3pm, but when you do that, they then say they'll collect the next day.  They fail to collect on the agreed day; if this is a Friday, it's then 3 more days before they come.  They leave parcels on people's doorsteps, or say they've tried to deliver to someone who's been waiting in all day.  The list goes on.  If anyone can recommend a good courier who doesn't charge the earth, please let me know!  In the meantime, if you order more than about 6 metres in one length, please be prepared for it to take a few extra days to be delivered.

I've amended the Help page to reflect this, but I'm not sure how many people read that before they order!  I'm pretty sure those of you who have already ordered won't read the Help page now, which is why I thought I ought to let you know.